1. Gideon

From the recording Gideon - Single

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Gideon from the Book of Judges in the Bible inspired this. It was after a church where I had realized this song that I've been writing was very similar to the journey of Gideon. The main message from this is that the journey of a musicianal prophet is just as Gideon's journey to victory was possible even with a limited army.


Ladies & Gentlemen
It's a pleasure to give to you
The man with the S.W.I.M.
It's scUBa

What's poppin'?
Other than me
When a homie
Rockin' on the beat
Whether I'm rappin' or singin'
I always got the got the Heat
A Jacksonvillian Floridian
A little Spleh Of Caribbean
Doing it big like I'm Gideon

My mistakes
Were never one's
That ever met the Style or the Grace

Can't dwell
The maker comes
And in the Peace I find the Pace

Sometimes it wasn't all in good taste
Before you Judge a prophet
Let 'em finish a lackadaisical

Race through my mind
Like I'm slim on time and lost my way
A Hurricane's coming through
Chris Breezy with the moves
I'll stay up in your picture like a Cartoon
Looney with the frickin' Tunes
Coolin' like a Dope Dude

They use to ask me
"Brodie what the dope do?
You just another nigga with an Attitude."
What you mean?
All I do is ACME while I dealt with Acne
And charging quite the low fee
Y'all really starting blow me

Water Moccasin
You can never swim with Brodie
Cut off the head like a bad side piece in bed
Who was quick to open legs
Ain't no Magic with that Karp
You took it serious when they all said
Knock 'em dead

Scorpions try to fuck with me
I tell 'em you too lame
Move in silence in the dark
Call that Bruce Wayne

Terrence Howard
'Cause I'm always down to rep my main mayne
If you tryna find a Kang I'm always in the damn game

Call me Peter piper
Piping shawties pussy poppin'
Probably posting panties droppin'
Pickled Pepper that they steady jockin'

And the Fizz
You should know who the F I Iz
I came in this bih and left with yo chick
Hol' up
You don't like it? Bow up

Let's get it popping like it's hockey
In the ring like I'm Rocky
Walking Tall standing cocky
Brodie you should watch me
Ghost Rider
Do you copy?

Aye sir
I'm feelin militant
Even when I swerve
At work niggas got me bent
I'm looking for a skirt and some due diligence
Bird is the word
Fly like Pelican ya heard?
Raising like the Dead
A nigga staying relevant

Baby girl I get this
Homies know I get this
Turning up and get lit
Too legit to ever quit
So get with the clique quick